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Johnny Cupcakes


In my house, on a shelf, rests a miniature bicycle—handmade by a homeless, handicapped man who was crafting and selling these in a smoggy New York City train station. Despite him being half-blind, he didn’t let his disability stop him. Watching this man make something out of almost nothing was quite motivational. His passion and persistence showed well with each wire he bent. If this man can do it, so can you. Discover or re-discover your strengths and passion. Brainstorm. Make time. Practice. Create. Rinse—Wash—Repeat.

Let’s be thankful of what we have and make the best out of this life.

What's your favourite memory that has come from your company so far?

My favorite memory that has come from my company so far, was when I got to hire + support my own mom full time <3