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Johnny Cupcakes




In my house, on a shelf, rests a miniature bicycle—handmade by a homeless, handicapped man who was crafting and selling these in a smoggy New York City train station. Despite him being half-blind, he didn’t let his disability stop him. Watching this man make something out of almost nothing was quite motivational. His passion and persistence showed well with each wire he bent. If this man can do it, so can you. Discover or re-discover your strengths and passion. Brainstorm. Make time. Practice. Create. Rinse—Wash—Repeat.

Let’s be thankful of what we have and make the best out of this life.

Within the next month I’m going to start taking pre-orders for the Johnny Cupcakes coffee table business book that I’m writing. More info to come soon…

Hey Johnny.
i just wanted to say that i read through some of the things that that guy wrote about you and your company and I just wanted to say I was taken with johnny cupcakes from the first time i saw the designs. I then went on to read about you and your story and was really inspired by your methods.. as one of the minions who follows your company and the messages you send from the dork lord I would like to say that i am infact a creative person and have even started to put a plan together to open my own shop.. see im a barber and you just kick started my brain into thinking and believing in some of my buisness thoughts and how to have something that is unique and unlike any other.
So thank you.
Hope everything goes on well in London. I'm gonna pop down before you open so hopefully i'll get to meet you in person, but my colleague has the saturday of the opening off and this means i have to be at work.
Thanks Johnny

Chloe x

Hello Chloe.

Thank you for the tumblr message! Hearing from motivated, inspired, creative Johnny Cupcakes customers/family - such as yourself, makes me just as motivated & inspired to keep pushing forward with this brand of mine.

I wish you all the success in the world with your craft, and I hope you keep me posted on it’s developments. See you in London Chloe!

-Johnny Cupcakes

What's your favourite memory that has come from your company so far?

My favorite memory that has come from my company so far, was when I got to hire + support my own mom full time <3