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Johnny Cupcakes



Are the vinyl toys, or at least one them, going to be DIY like the Kidrobot Munny?

Yes, we will have a blank Johnny Cupcakes vinyl toy of our Big Kid mascot. This will allow customers to design their own—as well as opening up a door for us to put on contests or art shows in the future. Being able to do this will help the JC brand further encourage friends, strangers and customers alike—to be creative and to dust off and showcase the beautiful imagination they all have.

We’re hoping to have these & more just before Christmas.

CLICK HERE to see video #3 of the Johnny Cupcakes London video series. In this video, you’ll find the grand opening of Johnny Cupcakes London. It was a magical day, filled with lots of positivity, friend-making, laughter, and memories. Thank you everyone who helped make this possible! If you live in the area, or know anyone living in London, or visiting London — be sure to send them by the Johnny Cupcakes shop right off of Carnaby Street. 10 Fouberts Place, Carnaby London W1F 7PF.