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Johnny Cupcakes Hawaii lecture / pop up shop at Fresh Cafe’s Loft In Space.

On January 21, Johnny made his first trip to Hawaii and I’ve gotta say I was pretty excited as the days counted down. I’ve been a supporter for about a year now, and I’ll probably stick to this brand for a while.

Prior to the actual lecture, I happened to be early because I wasn’t too sure how many people would show up, and for good reason…the line was pretty crazy especially considering how big the venue was but luckily everyone got to watch (even though some had to stand). A couple of my friends were actually in on the event (Lightsleepers) so of course my other friend and I jumped in on the opportunity to help out. After the lecture, we eventually got to visit the pop up shop where there was an exclusive Hawaii shirt that I got to purchase. Oh, and I got johnny to sign my big kid vinyl toy. Woohooo!

The event was one of the best experiences I’ve had. It has inspired my friends and I to pursue what we want to do in life after receiving awesome information to know if you want to grow. Thank you Johnny for your poop jokes, magic tricks, surprise goodie bags, being so humble and meeting each and every one of us. If I had to describe Johnny in one word, it’s magic.


I’ve got 35,000+ words written for this Johnny Cupcakes business book. I’ve been crafting this together for quite some time! Still wrapping up more writing. Can’t wait to share my obscure brain with everyone. Whether or not you plan on starting a business or advancing in a hobby—I promise this book will help you a bunch in life.

Within the next month I’m going to start taking pre-orders for the Johnny Cupcakes coffee table business book that I’m writing. More info to come soon…

"The real success is being happy doing what you love." –Johnny Cupcakes