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Johnny Cupcakes


I just found out that you had a tumblr a few minutes ago. This made my day better. I'm exactly sure how, but it did. Anyway, I really like your clothes and the fact that you're doing things YOUR way, like being exclusive to yourself and such [= You're truly and inspiration to me. Just wanted to let you know that =]

Thank you mystery person. Your message made my day better, so I guess we are even ;)

Being exclusive is important to me. I know I could have made a butt-load of money if I were to reply back to Urban Outfitters, Hot Topic, Nordstroms, Macy’s, Barney’s and countless other shops. I also could of gotten my brand seen by the rest of the world quicker. However, staying independent and exclusive has been instrumental in the success of my brand. It has allowed myself and my team to better curate memories and experiences for our customers through products, events, and customers service. From the trunk of my car at 19 years old, experience has been my priority.

Doing things my way was and still is difficult; however, difficulty is good! It works parts of your brain that you never knew existed, ya know? Who wants to play Mario Kart with a 4 year old when you know you can challenge your older cousin who is a Nintendo champ? Your cousin might be more difficult to beat, but that one banana peel tossing victory will feel better than easily beating a 4 year old 1,000 times. That one victory might not heal those calloused hands of yours, but it sure will be more memorable.

One last thing…  O’doyle rules!

In my house, on a shelf, rests a miniature bicycle—handmade by a homeless, handicapped man who was crafting and selling these in a smoggy New York City train station. Despite him being half-blind, he didn’t let his disability stop him. Watching this man make something out of almost nothing was quite motivational. His passion and persistence showed well with each wire he bent. If this man can do it, so can you. Discover or re-discover your strengths and passion. Brainstorm. Make time. Practice. Create. Rinse—Wash—Repeat.

Let’s be thankful of what we have and make the best out of this life.