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Johnny Cupcakes


(continued)… “I wanted to take the opportunity to have an insight into who Johnny is and what it was like being back on tour and away from his wildly sucessful and hectic business life. And to explore his thoughts on what it means to travel and gain inspiration from the world around us.

This is a video for Johnny Cupcakes fans. an insight into the man behind the brand who I am proud to call my friend, he is one of the nicest humans i have ever met who will make time for anyone to chat and have a laugh.” — Callum Preston




a very special treat..

A little behind the scenes video / photo shoot for the release of our card t-shirts and our collaboration with Bicycle playing cards. Thank you Mike Dravis and Rob Nordberg for organizing and crafting together this wonderful little nugget of media! And thanks to everyone who came out for the photo shoot. At a later date, I’ll be sure to post some music videos from our good friends/models bands. And Mr. Orr, you’re a saint.